Release Day! Erm… yesterday… BUT STILL!

Woohoo! Release day (yesterday) for Threader! I’m very, very, very excited.Can you tell? Thank you to Big W staff for not calling security…

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Welcome to the Helios Academy: evolve or die

It’s the year 2050 and life is increasingly hard for ‘non-citizens’. A slowly emerging young minority  has been exposed as ‘talents’;  they harbour mutations that give them special gifts – super strength, regenerative powers,  psychic gifts or the ability to sink through shadows and travel through time and space. As governments unite to form a global talent registry and powerful corporations step in to take control, a ‘talent’ can be a passport to citizenship and a better life, but there is a cost as Josie Ryder is about to discover.

Orphaned at six, Josie Ryder has been raised by her uncle. Her talent is an unusual one: she is a threader, able to weave a combination of psychic talents around others to manipulate their powers. Working in her uncle’s antique store and dreaming of a better life, Josie has done everything to keep a promise to her late father: stay off the global talent registry and keep her talents hidden. But as Josie tries to make ends meet with the occasional illegal act, she risks a third strike with local law enforcement and, desperate for a better life, Josie finally breaks her promise to her father’s memory and sends an enquiry to the prestigious Helios Academy, a training facility in a distant country for talents. When the Helios Academy respond  by sending mysterious slider, Blake Galloway to extract Josie, then offer her a position at their select and highly competitive institution, things begin to get really interesting, and more than a little dangerous…

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Upcoming things!

As we crash towards the end of 2015, I’m excited to announce that I have 2 books coming out in 2016. An urban fantasy with Escape Publishing (April) and a young adult with Harlequin Teen (June). More details to come!


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Helloooo 2015, here I come

Farewell 2014! What a year you were. Many things happened of the writerly kind. I wrote a YA, a novella, finished an new urban fantasy I’d been kicking around for a while and then subbed Chaos Broken (Book 3 in the Chronicles of Applecross) to my publisher. The YA novel is in the publishing ether and for the novella, I’m thinking of venturing into the self-publishing world. Chaos Broken will be published in April 2015, when I shall put on my book promo underpants and shove it forth for everyone’s attention. Maybe even before, as those underpants sure look comfy.

Many other things happened int 2014 as well. I went on a writers retreat with my fellow Sisters of the Pen, and we did strange writer things and ate strange writer food.


Yes. Yes it is Vegemite from a tube.


I also went on my first marathon Hen’s Night, involving beer, boats, cycling and penis shaped lipstick.


Fun times…hic!


And of course, my traditional Christmas visit to Bundaberg to see my grandparents and visit all my relatives at Jo’s Roadhouse. It’s a tough 5.5 hour drive from Brisbane (especially with two small kids in the back), but totally worth it to stroll to the beach every morning with the family, eat bread fresh from the oven, and watch Grandad try to convince my kids to eat his chip and fish sandwich (The concept blew their minds!!)


Me and Grandma!


Delicious fresh bread. Mmmmm.


The infamous sandwich.






Wishing everyone an awesome start to their 2015!!


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Advice of the writerly kind

I’m not keen on blogging about writing advice, because I always think I can’t say it better than so-and-so, who said this that one time, on that blog over there. But as I was stalking agent interviews on the web and trying not to feel dirty (Ginger Clark! Look at me! Look at meeee!), I came across a great list of advice, given by Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates, in an interview by the writer Peter Hogenkamp. Thought it was so awesome, it was worth sharing.

1. Immerse yourself in the publishing industry.
2. Go to writers’ conferences and learn.
3. Read as much as possible.
4. Take writing courses.
5. Be savvy around genre protocol, i.e. word count.
6. Start building your social media platform now.
7. Build an author website.
8. Set up a writing routine.
9. Never send an agent your first draft.
10. Embrace revisions.
11. Be flexible around your writing.
12. Be grateful for any feedback.
13. Don’t give up.
14. Study character development, plot, character arc, story arc, writing setting and dialog, pacing…
15. Understand general submission protocol.
16. Perfect the 275-word query letter.
17. Learn how to write a one-page synopsis.
18. Always double space your manuscript and insert page numbers.
19. Work with an experienced freelance editor (in book publishing) before submitting to an agent.
20. Stay hopeful, especially in the face of rejection.

Pretty great stuff. You can read the whole interview here.

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