Rebekah Turner was born in sunny Queensland, Australia, but has lived all across the country, including stints in Bundaberg, Townsville, Adelaide and Melbourne.

With a degree in graphic design and a raging coffee addiction, Rebekah escaped the corporate world to freelance in between sensible adult jobs. She rides a scooter called Skittles, owns two dogs who don’t get walked enough, and can never seem to find a blue pen when she wants one. She’s a dedicated movie gal, with a special affection for old sci-fi and action movies.

Rebekah enjoys reading and writing fantasy for all ages, and was selected in the 2010 Queensland Writers Centre/Hachette Manuscript Development Program. She is the author of the Chronicles of Applecross books (Chaos Born, Chaos Bound and Chaos Broken) and forthcoming urban fantasy Bite Deep (Escape Publishing) and Threader (Harlequin Teen). She lives in Brisbane and enjoys talking about herself in third person.


Me with my writing buddy, Charlotte Nash

Rocking the karoke booth 80s style with crime writer Meg Vann

Trying to figure out how to ride a scooter many years ago

The time I got to talk to Rachel Vincent & we scoffed homemade fudge & talked horror movies

Lucky socks

Essential tool for writing