Helloooo 2015, here I come

Farewell 2014! What a year you were. Many things happened of the writerly kind. I wrote a YA, a novella, finished an new urban fantasy I’d been kicking around for a while and then subbed Chaos Broken (Book 3 in the Chronicles of Applecross) to my publisher. The YA novel is in the publishing ether and for the novella, I’m thinking of venturing into the self-publishing world. Chaos Broken will be published in April 2015, when I shall put on my book promo underpants and shove it forth for everyone’s attention. Maybe even before, as those underpants sure look comfy.

Many other things happened int 2014 as well. I went on a writers retreat with my fellow Sisters of the Pen, and we did strange writer things and ate strange writer food.

Yes. Yes it is Vegemite from a tube.


I also went on my first marathon Hen’s Night, involving beer, boats, cycling and penis shaped lipstick.

Fun times…hic!


And of course, my traditional Christmas visit to Bundaberg to see my grandparents and visit all my relatives at Jo’s Roadhouse. It’s a tough 5.5 hour drive from Brisbane (especially with two small kids in the back), but totally worth it to stroll to the beach every morning with the family, eat bread fresh from the oven, and watch Grandad try to convince my kids to eat his chip and fish sandwich (The concept blew their minds!!)

Me and Grandma!
Delicious fresh bread. Mmmmm.
The infamous sandwich.






Wishing everyone an awesome start to their 2015!!


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